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Mesmer is an iPhone game based on games written and played on the BBC Micro while growing up. It's a simple game with only one control - tap to change direction - and requires quick reactions, quick route planning, and the ability to concentrate.

Guide the glowing ball safely past all the obstacles and stay alive for as long as you can. The further you go the faster you travel and the more obstacles appear.

The game has two modes with very different gameplay:

Arcade Mode

Arcade mode has you collecting coins and completing challenges to level up, which lets you unlock and upgrade abilities and power-ups. Lots of coins are available, if you've got the skill and nerve to collect them.

Zen Mode

Zen mode removes all the coins, power-ups, challenges and distractions. It's just you and a never ending stream of obstacles.

Gameplay Videos

App Promo Video Shown on the App Store

Game Play-Through Video

Screen Shots

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